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[SLUG] DSPAM vs Spamassassin

Hi there!

Since I won't be able to come Friday and sluglets includes a chat about
spam agents, I have my 2c to toss in comparing DSPAM to spamassassin.

My comments for the sluglets, FWIW follow:


dspam is considerably harder to install than spamassassin. It hooks
directly as the delivery agent into postfix and feeds procmail (in my
case) after that. Spamassassin was very simple to install for a small
site hooking in as series of procmail commands.

Winner Spamassassin.

Config and easy of use
dspam is user-level based as a default and requires each user to 'train'
the dspam setup as to what they regard is spam by forwarding to their
own userspam account. For example mine was sfg for normal mail which I
forwarded to sfgspam to tell dspam that the mail item was spam. In evo,
this can be laborious (Ctrl-F, type in spamemailaddress Ctl-Enter x 300
emails). What might have improved dspam was if I could configure it to
recognise everything in an imap folder as spam (eg the 'spam' folder)
since drag-drop of multiple emails to a folder is a much easier exercise
in evo, moz mail etc. This would required dspam to talk imap which I
don't think is on the cards RSN.

spamassassin, you just let run, you can fiddle with
/etc/mail/spamassassin/local.cf if you don't get out much, but really
there is no need.

Winner Spamassassin.

I was forwarding spam emails for about 3 weeks - maybe 300 odd. At this
point it only managed to spot 2 spam emails itself. At this point I
decided that my typical user population would not have the patience to
cope with this much training so gave up - was it 2 emails from
recognising 90% of my spam maybe but I don't think so...
Spamassassin was instantly useful and filters about 90-95% of all spam
on the server.

Winner Spamassassin.

I'd say that currently spamassassin wins by a country mile. It's easy to
config, instantly useful and for low volume sites doesn't even need much
tuning. There is a daemon version which I imagine helps the higher vol
sites. DSPAM has promise but lacks an easy way to teach it whats what. I
love the concept of teaching it to recognise spam but the execution
fails to deliver currently.  Perhaps a true spam hater would install
both, dspam as the delivery agent passing off to procmail which then
includes spamassassin to filter any that got through the dspam point.
This would be possible.

Winner Spamassassin.


Stuart Guthrie <sfg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Eureka IT Pty Ltd

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