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Re: [SLUG] Stock market software and WinXX

From: "David" <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I've prided myself on not using Win**, but the desire to play the stock
> market has brought me undone.
> Two questions arise, given that I really don't want to dual-boot.
> first:
> Is it feasible to run IE under wine, win4lin, crossover or any other
> reasonable solution. The specific application is some strange downloaded
> thing from a company called AOT online stock broking. I have no idea what
> it is unfortunately, although I suspect it's Java. I've also heard that
> the latest CommSec offering is windows only .. .some sort of .exe
> download.
> If anyone has any cluesticks on this stuff I would be mightily
> appreciative.
> second:
> Is there any company out there that has a real-time on-line stockbroking
> solution that is cross-platform?

I use Mozilla on RH 9 & RH 8 to trade on WWW.Commsec.com.au. And
works well for me.

Complementary to this, there is Market Analysis program that runs on linux 
(it also runs on dos if you prefer) that you can download from 
eiffel-mas.sourceforge.net that you can parametize
to give you an analytic view of your portfolio. It can alert, 
highlight, etc based on your preferred parameters.

It is free too.

Oscar Plameras