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[SLUG] allowing/disabling ftp access by user type, how ?


I have several users that run web pages, they need ftp access ;
then, I have more users whose mail we get, and, they pop their mail off the

neither users have shell access, with /shell/false (whatever the correct
syntax is)

so, everything is OK, but, potentially, my email users could ftp to their
home directory

I'd like to prevent ftp access for mail users, but, leave as is (allowed)
to 'webmasters' users.

where do I do that ? somewhere in RedHat stuff ? ProFTP stuff ? ?

tried googling, so far without any success to this issue

say, once upon a time, when I typed 'google.com' I got google.com;
now, I type 'google.com' but, I get 'google.com.au'; who/where does that ?

Voytek Eymont