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RE: [SLUG] ot: Mac OSX and virii in the open

As far as crashing goes, well OS X has been **fairly stable, though not
bullet proof. OS 9 on the other hand was a joke in terms of stability...

Trying to interface to MS windows networks from OS X does sometimes hang
the system (maybe just aqua, but there doesn't seem to be alt+F6 type of
runlevel switching that I love about my linux box, so sometimes only a
reboot seems to help)

I have a Linux firewall with an assortment of computers accessing the
internet through it, which includes one Mac with OSX loaded. So far it's
held off any intrusions, though I haven't had the wonderful luck of
receiving a mac virus, yet!
Maybe you should also discourage your users from using peer to peer
systems cause of their reputation for undermining security... 

Oh yeah, my two cents on OSX is that it wastes too much resources being
pretty. I like lean mean computing machines (yeah blackbox!). Stupid
fashionable GUIs! mutter mutter...

<-J.L.E Streit->

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Subject: [SLUG] ot: Mac OSX and virii in the open

Every so often, I have seen a number of Q here regarding Apple Mac
hence, I'm assuming there are some Mac hardware users here, are there
Mac OS users though ? Reading through a Mac book I picked up today (of
places, at everythinglinux) I now know that Mac OS is *nix based.

But, all in all, I know rather little about Macs

what is the situation with Macs and so-called virii and worms, does
has real-life experience that can point me in the right direction ?

I'll need to look after some Macs that will be ADSL connected to
soon, and, need to research it somewhat, so, I do not appear a total
(partial dummy is OK)

I have a Mac user (unrelated to above scenario) who told me: Mac are
wonderfull, I don't need any anti virus, I don't have crashes, we are so
blissed we run only Macs
I suspect the above-mentioned Mac user may well have a competent person
looking after her Macs, hence, her bliss(full ignorance)

Symantec are happy to sell me Mac anti virus, but, they are equally
happy to
sell me OS/2 anti virus.

any good Mac mail lists or sigs anyone knows ?

I'm guessing Mac with MS stuff like Office and especially Outbreak would
prone to some of the MS malware there is ?

anyhow, any advice appreciated, apologise for this far off topic,
replies might be directed directly to me if that is too far off here

Voytek Eymont
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