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Re: [SLUG] ot: Mac OSX and virii in the open

I've been running MacOS 9* for may years and have yet to see a virus.
Several of my macs are exposed to the 'net (ie.. 24/7 connections). I
think it's a case of:

* Nobody can be bothered to write a virus for a mac
* Mac's mostly aren't listening anyway
* Mac's don't have the usual vulnerabilities that Mr.Gates loves to build
into Win***
* Even if you are silly enough to use Outlook on a Mac, an .exe doesn't
run, neither does a .scr etc (see above).

I've hardly used OSX, but it's Unix, so anything that can hit Unix can hit
OSX.  I've tried OSX just to check it out, and my recollection is that the
standard install is fairly sane.

On Tue, 7 Oct 2003, Voytek Eymont wrote:

> Every so often, I have seen a number of Q here regarding Apple Mac hardware,
> hence, I'm assuming there are some Mac hardware users here, are there any
> Mac OS users though ? Reading through a Mac book I picked up today (of all
> places, at everythinglinux) I now know that Mac OS is *nix based.
> But, all in all, I know rather little about Macs
> what is the situation with Macs and so-called virii and worms, does anyone
> has real-life experience that can point me in the right direction ?
> I'll need to look after some Macs that will be ADSL connected to Internet
> soon, and, need to research it somewhat, so, I do not appear a total dummy
> (partial dummy is OK)
> I have a Mac user (unrelated to above scenario) who told me: Mac are
> wonderfull, I don't need any anti virus, I don't have crashes, we are so
> blissed we run only Macs
> I suspect the above-mentioned Mac user may well have a competent person
> looking after her Macs, hence, her bliss(full ignorance)
> Symantec are happy to sell me Mac anti virus, but, they are equally happy to
> sell me OS/2 anti virus.
> any good Mac mail lists or sigs anyone knows ?
> I'm guessing Mac with MS stuff like Office and especially Outbreak would be
> prone to some of the MS malware there is ?
> anyhow, any advice appreciated, apologise for this far off topic, perhaps
> replies might be directed directly to me if that is too far off here
> Voytek Eymont
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