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RE:: [SLUG] Cups printing on Debian Woody - FIXED

slug-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 02-10-2003 10:36:19 AM:

> Hi All,
> I have found a little more information, that I am hoping someone can 
> me correct.
> I put the logging in cups upto debug, I get no error message in there, 
> what I do get specifically is:
> D [02/Oct/2003:10:31:57 +1000] gs command: cat
> Why would be gs command be cat? that would explain why the printer is 
> printing Postscript info, but I cannot find where this is being called 
> from.
> Does anyone have any pointers?
I fixed the problem, so I'm posting my results if anyone is interested.
There seemed to be a problem with the HP 710 ppd that comes with 
So I went to www.linuxprinting.org and download the ppd for the hp 7130, 
and also downloaded foomatic-rip & foomatic-wrapper, and it works.