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Re: [SLUG] Strange email attempt

From: "Simon Bryan" <sbryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi all,
> logwatch reports the information below for email I understand most of them
> they are misspelling of usernames however the second one is ocurring daily
> on my username) and it has me intrigued. Does anyone know if this is
something I
> should be concerned about.
> Unknown users:
>     bbrooks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: 72 Times(s)
>     hjekkjmhigfnnfjjmcphgejmdcaa.sbryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: 1 Times(s)

If this particular address appears every day, the next item to ascertain is,
if it occurs at the same time.

If it is, it may be worth checking your crontab and/or cron.daily and check
what daemons are initiated and the notification addresses for these