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Re: [SLUG] TV cards and software

<quote who="Andrewd">

> Any recommendations on TV cards and software for recording TV shows for my PC.
> I am running Mandrake 9 on a P4 with 256 ram.
> The two cards I have looked at so far are
> Live View 3000 TV tuner card @ $99
> Leadtek TV tuner card @$135

I have a Flyvideo98 FM card, which cost me about $100 a few years ago. The
picture has quite visible noise, which seems to be from EMC interference
from the rest of the computer.

On my Athlon 2000XP, I've captured full TV resolution video at about 15fps,
but I forget what the encoding format for that was. Using Nuppelvideo or
RTjpeg as an encoding and re-encoding later, I can capture at full framerate 
quite happily, but that ends up about 5gig an hour.

I'm keen to justify to myself the cost of one of the Hauppage cards such as 
PVR350 which do hardware mpeg2 encoding - up around $300 if I import one 

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