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[SLUG] Building an Intranet BIND

>>>>> "Phillipus" == Phillipus Gunawan <mr_phillipus@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Phillipus> G'day SLUGers.  I had a dynamic IP from my ADSL and its
Phillipus> connected with a router, it has build in firewall, port
Phillipus> forwarding, etc. The idea is to get the internal network
Phillipus> able to open local apache web server when they type
Phillipus> myserver.mydomain.bom (yes, its mydomain.bom) But for all
Phillipus> other web browsing, hopefully the router is kind enough to
Phillipus> pass it.

Does your bind forward non-local queries to your ISP's nameserver?
You need a `forwarders' directive in /etc/bind/named.conf

Then make sure that /etc/resolv.conf on all your machines points to
the machine running bind. (Don't know how to do that in Windows --- if
you're using dhcp though, you can set it up in /etc/dhcpd.conf)

As for your webmin problem...  Have you set up reverse DNS?  depending
on how you've set up your web server, it may be looking at the IP
address of the query, doing a reverse lookup and not then getting
anything that's authorised.

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