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Re: [SLUG] Popular Distros in Australia.

On Sun, 2003-06-15 at 09:51, Matthew Palmer wrote:
> I'm StudIEEE, StudIEAust, StudAPESMA, but not because of my interest in
> Linux.  To become an ACS member, you have to hold appropriate technical
> qualifications - which I'll wager half of the people on SLUG don't have (not
> necessarily a bad thing...).  In the circles I frequent, the ACS is seen as
> a bit of a joke - an MS shill, and not overly interested in true state of the
> art.  I think IEEE's Computer Society isn't bad, but it isn't local.

A tad harsh on the ACS, I think.

In New South Wales the ACS have an open source SIG, and you don't need
to be a member to come along to the SIG meetings (but members will get
priority e.g. if there is not enough room at a meeting).

The SIG home page is here:

Also, the ACS can be a good place to network - i.e. find work.

All the best,
	Bruce Badger

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