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Re: [SLUG] debugging ODBC / samba - solved

On Thursday, June 12, 2003, at 06:55  PM, Stewart wrote:

Anyhow, as Mike said and my experience is showing, it's not MYOB per se that's the problem, it's this ODBC driver using the MYOB file as a system DSN.

Well i haven't exactly solved the problem but thought it worth posting that i'm now certain it's got nothing to do with samba at all. I moved the data file onto another 2k box and the ODBC connection was just as dastardly as when served via samba.

Interesting though, when using tethereal to sniff network traffic in verbose mode, the odbc driver generated about 110Mb of textfile in a just a few seconds - i shut the sniff off for the rest of the 10 minutes the query took. a similar query to the same data file from MYOB took only a few seconds and created only about 8Mb of verbose tethereal data.

just all FYI FWIW really. I'm going to hand the problem back to the software vendor now that i've proved it's not a server issue.