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Re: [SLUG] Meaning of Nonsense in s p a m

I am not sure about the garbage that appears in subjects and in the middile of some spams but I am fairly sure the html tags in the middle of words are an attempt to obfuscate the true content of the spam from simple text filtering spam filters.  The other stuff is probably the same.

I think spamassassin attempts to look past this.


Nick Croft wrote :


Just wondering if someone could enlighten me as to the meaning, purpose or
origin of those strange nonsense words in spam.  I'm busy refining spamc
& bogofilter atm and I see a lot of those words.

                 ykekdy uHQH zNeyv lLNlAJ
                       RzneXcpebsgRzneXnpn pb nhRzneX

Some of it appears interspersed with html tags. Such as

> Cl<sbt7ans3c3pe16>ick H<sljh6jj20iawtw>ere
>       For M<s0bpffx2oowja>ore

i.e 'C l i c k Here for More' -- all that within an <a href= "">