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[SLUG] Meaning of Nonsense in s p a m


Just wondering if someone could enlighten me as to the meaning, purpose or
origin of those strange nonsense words in spam.  I'm busy refining spamc
& bogofilter atm and I see a lot of those words.

                  ykekdy uHQH zNeyv lLNlAJ
                        RzneXcpebsgRzneXnpn pb nhRzneX

Some of it appears interspersed with html tags. Such as

> Cl<sbt7ans3c3pe16>ick H<sljh6jj20iawtw>ere
>       For M<s0bpffx2oowja>ore

i.e 'C l i c k Here for More' -- all that within an <a href= tag.

Just wondering,

Nick Croft