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Re: [SLUG] WInbind and getent

From: "Simon Bryan" <sbryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi all,
> As one of the final steps of my project I need to get winbind running on
my LTS
> server. I have installed and configure Samba and Winbind in exactly the
same way as
> on a full workstation (which works fine) - however even though wbinfo
gives all the
> right answers:
> wbinfo -t
> secret is good
> wbinfo -a
> can authenticate plain text and ntlm
> wbinfo -u
> all domain users displayed
> wbinfo -g
> all domain groups displayed
> I have added winbind to the passwd and group line in nsswitch.conf
> I have copied libnss_winbind.so to /lib and made a soft link to .2 and .1
> I have copied pam_winbind.so to /lib/security
> I have modified /etc/pam.d/login as on my workstation
> Yet, getent stubbornly only shows the local users and groups so i can't
login / su
> with a domain username / password as I can on the workstation.
> The server is running RH7.2 and Samba is 2.2.8a
> I am obviously missing something obvious, any clues appreciated.

What does your,

# cat /var/log/authd.log

say ?

And check your,

# cat /var/log/messages.