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Re: [SLUG] WORD (.doc) to PDF under Linux

1. OpenOffice writer will open MSWord files and retain the formatting
unless its really out of left field.

2. Print to PDF from print menu.

3. OpenOffice uses macros so you maybe able to automate the process.

I use Linux on my laptop in a Windows workplace environment and this keeps
me compatible!



On Thu, 5 Jun 2003, Matt Hyne wrote:

> Folks,
> Does anyone know of a reliable way to convert a directory containing MS
> Word files to PDF files under Linux.  There appears to be plenty of
> Windows tools but I cannot find many for Linux.
> I want to write a script that will run a WORD->PDF conversion nightly so
> PDF files can be available from a website.
> Matt


Laurie Savage
Physics/Maths/IT Teacher
Pascoe Vale Girls' College
Pascoe Vale, Victoria, AUSTRALIA