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Re: [SLUG] can someone reply

On Sun, Jun 01, 2003, voytek@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> can anyone enlighten me why are my posts to slug bouncings every time ?
> I've asked the slug-bounce-admin, but got no reply

It's hard to tell, I had a look through the headers we hold for approval
and I can't see your headers in there. Hopefully another one of the
admins will have time to look soon.

PLEASE don't mail these questions to slug@

ONLY the admins have access to the information about who and what is
restricted. (Note to slug@ at large: we're not censoring SLUG, we're
attempting to filter spam - adding restricted headers to mailman's
restricted list was the best way to do this prior to us starting to use

Mailing these questions to slug@ is (I presume) annoying to subscribers,
since there is no way they can possibly answer your question. If the
admins don't reply, then mail us again. There's noone on slug@ who can
answer your question who is not also on slug-owner@xxxxxxxxxxx