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RE: [SLUG] home server on adsl; advice

Correct me if I'm wrong, but having two firewalls is better than one.

One for the DSL modem that is exposed to the internet, and then a separate
firewall for the internal lan that is only exposed to the DSL firewall is
better than firewalling everything from 1 box. It may delay a compromise and
make tracking logs easier.

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> This one time, at band camp, Amanda Wynne wrote:
> >I'm looking at getting an Alcatel Pro. Currently running a P120
> with Freesco
> >via dialup.
> I'd recomend the DSL-300 from D-Link. There it maintains the
> authentication and you just plugin a cat5 crossover to your system.
> On the system it's connected to, you just use dhcp to configure the IP
> address on it.
> >What I'm thinking of doing, if it's possible (this was going to
> be my next
> >question) is change the Freesco box to bridge mode, feeding the
> alcatel, with
> >my web server (yet another box) hanging off the alcatel. That
> way my Lan is
> >effectively double-firewalled.
> 'double-firewalled' is really not going to mean much.
> I refuse to say free-->SCO<-- is a good idea.
> Cheers,
> Chris
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