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Re: [SLUG] installing RH8 with Apache 1.3x, not 2.x

This one time, at band camp, Voytek Eymont wrote:
>RH8 includes Apache 2.x, whereas I want Apache 1.3x;
>do I do default server install with Apache 2, then, use RPM to remove it,
>and, RPM install Apache 1.3x;
>or, deselect Apache from install, use RPM to install 1.3x;
>or, doesn't matter, either way is fine

You may run into dependancie issues here unfortunatly using rpms not
built specificly for RH8.
If you find some built specificly for RH8 -- or you've found some that
you'd like to try, and you get issues where packages are missing --
download and install apt from psyche.freshrpms.net then use
apt-get update
apt-get install packagename