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Re: [SLUG] HELO/EHLO FQDN problems accessing slug lists (was: squid auth with winbind)

<quote who="James Gray">

> I guess I'm lucky - I run my own mail server so the fix was about 5
> minutes of googling and one line added to a config file.  But I think (in
> light of the RFC's and my experience) any security or filtering scheme
> based on EHLO/HELO responses from clients is really quite useless.  It is
> trivial to send out whatever I want - hell, I could masquerade as
> slug.org.au if I wanted to!

It's not EHLO/HELO response filtering causing your problems [1], it is the
lack of reverse DNS for your client MTA. Setting up DNS correctly is
important and fairly crucial, so it is a good barrier to entry for spammers.
It has caused only a few subscribers to have trouble posting, and they've
been able to fix their unhappy DNS setup pretty quickly.

It has been in place for quite a while now, but I'm watching and reviewing
its effects. If it turns out to be a problem for more people than it has so
far, it will go.

[ If anyone has a very serious problem with it and can't post to the list, I
will probably see your mails getting blocked anyway, but please mail me at
jdub@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx -> my mail host for that address isn't as strict as the
SLUG machine. :-) ]

- Jeff

[1] Although we do reject mails with specifically bogus HELO data, such as
"aol.com" (which isn't what any aol.com server reports, only spammers use
it). This kills a whole stack of spammage before it can even get to the

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