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Re: [SLUG] DHCP/LAN problem: can ping IP cannot ping Hostname

On Fri, 30 May 2003, Tom Massey wrote:

> * Laurie Savage <sav@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2003-05-30 13:14]:
> > resolv.conf on the client contains these lines
> > 	search blackbox.home
> > 	nameserver
> Do you have a DNS server running on

Not sure, the resolv.conf was created automatically on the client by the 
server so I'm guessing yes. I can see the printer laserjet@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
in the CUPS config page but cannot send jobs to it. 

> > The hosts file on the client does not contain 
> > blackbox.home
> > because Gnome and OpenOffice complained.
> What sort of complaint?
Gnome could not resolve the host blackbox.home, OpenOffice hangs at the 
splash screen for about 10 minutes (normally quite fast). I started 
oowriter from the command line and messages from lpc, lpstat appeared 
about no server.