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Re: [SLUG] Creating scripts in /etc/init.d (Debian Woody)

Perfect... that's it...  Thanks!

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Jeff Waugh <jdub@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

19/05/2003 05:05 PM

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        Subject:        Re: [SLUG] Creating scripts in /etc/init.d (Debian Woody)

<quote who="mkraus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx">

> I've just created a script in /etc/init.d and I'm wanting to create the
> symlinks so that the appropriate actions are taken at various runlevels. I
> know there is a binary that will do this for me, but I can't remember its
> name! If someone could remind me, it'd be greatly appreciated.

 update-rc.d <scriptname> defaults

But check man update-rc.d(1) if you want to use different sequences in
different runlevels and such.

- Jeff

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