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Re: [SLUG] intelectual property - the real challenge

On Sat, 2003-05-17 at 20:12, Ken Foskey wrote:

> Now read between the lines.  How would your manager read this, lets lock
> up your mind to the company tighter than a drum.  My company has more or
> less forced me to sign an IP agreement, fortunately the IP agreement I
> have with OpenOffice.org predates that agreement and was countersigned
> by a company manager, no legal contest.
> What these legal eagles want to do is lock down your mind as company
> property.  The unfortunate side effect is that it may conflict with Open
> Source development.
> Please be careful of those IP agreements, try and get an Open Source
> clause included.  Don't work on something in direct competition to your
> companies work, I don't think it is ethical.

It is not just companies. I have been away from Universities now for six
years, but the last I heard the universities were claiming copyright in
*everything* written by academics. And, of course, they have long
required scientific staff to sign IP agreements.

The copyright claim was wrong in law, but that didn't matter to them.

Everything that Ken says about these agreements is correct. Be careful.


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