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[SLUG] where to start fixing awful fonts on Debian?

Hi all.

My fonts are really bad and I don't know where to start fixing them.

I just installed Debian testing/unstable on my desktop. I got
x-window-system and some other packages from testing, and from unstable I
got mozilla, and some kde packages.

What I've noticed so far:

* Fonts in a plain xterm, and in openbox, look normal

* Fonts in mozilla look okay, in that they're not blurry, but they seem to
be 'blocky' with rough edges

* Fonts in KDE are the worst: initially (during the setup wizard), they
were nice and clean. After clicking through the wizard a few times, they
became smoothed (I didn't enable AA) and quite difficult to read,
especially in konsole...

Please check this screenshot for what it looked like at that point:


That's not normal I hope?!

Later I enabled AA in KDE, which made the fonts huge, but no less blurry.
I then turned AA OFF, which resulted in the worst fonts I've ever seen:


Note: I just accepted the defaults when any font questions came up during
installation of the packages.

Can anyone tell me where I need to start trying to fix these? The
XF86Config-4 file, or something to do with defoma, or fontconfig, or
QT/GTK specific, I'm lost.

Thanks in advance.