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Who are SLUG meetings for? (Re: [SLUG] Re: "Talks Policy")

On Sat, May 17, 2003, Oscar Plameras wrote:
> Examine the lists-postings as these are the issues and topics that
> concerns most members. Pay attention to these specific issues and
> address them because these are the real "cool things" that matters to
> the membership. If necessary address them again and again. That is why
> these issues keep popping up on the posts.

I guess I hear two voices.

You're right, there is a constant demand for information about common
taks - X, Apache, firewalls, networking.

But I've also heard complaints from people who know X, Apache,
firewalls and networking that SLUG meetings are not for them.

At present, the SLUG committee is trying to cater for both sets of
people via the SLUGlets vs. special interests split halfway through each

What is the memberships position on this? Is it worth attempting to
cater to a broad spectrum of users or should SLUG talks be oriented at
the common questions? Or both?