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Re: [SLUG] Re: "Talks Policy" [Was: Video Sales to Support SLUG]

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">
>> 3. Linux Process Management
>> 4. File System Management
> Probably, depending on depth. Introductory "How do Linux process
work?" and
> "How do Linux filesystems work?" are probably more appropriate.

Speaking as a non-coder or system-administrator, I'd actually go a step

I'd love to hear a quick introduction to how managing processes helps
Linux people to get their work done and use their computers better. Is
it something that people who run servers are concerned about? What
about coders, how does it help them? When is it helpful to destop home
users like me? I never even heard of processes before I started using
Linux - What's the pay off for having a process paradigm in Linux when
Windows seems to keep that kind of thing hidden?

Anyone remember the great talk we had about a year ago on how Linux
lets you run cheap and reliable thin-clients? I'd heard of many people
accessing the same data on a server, but I'd never heard of a people
using a program on their desktop that was actually running on a central
server for them and for other users. I thought the X Window System was
just there to give me a graphical desktop - I didn't realize it was so
much more than that. For someone like me, who went from the TRS-80, to
DOS on the PC, to Windows 3.1, to Win '95, that's a very big paradigm
shift: from standalone to client/server.

Thanks to all the people who get up and talk at SLUG meetings about
open source software and what it means for them,

- mark

mark a. bell

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