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[SLUG] Re: "Talks Policy" [Was: Video Sales to Support SLUG]

<quote who="Oscar Plameras">

> I did not say it is not working vis-a-vis your criteria. But it does not
> mean there is no room for improvement. Just because it is working we
> should not suggest ideas to make improvements. What happen to the culture
> of "Open Thinking" in the "Open Source" community ?

I think the room for improvement is very obviously on the "what cool talks
should we have?" side of things, rather than the, "let's specify what our
talks are about to the nth degree and build a great big infrastructure to
manage hundreds of contributions" approach. :-)

If you have a cool talk offer, or would like someone to do a cool talk, then
please let everyone know. If you want to know more about how SLUG works, or
what sorts of things we're looking for at meetings, let us know (and you
have, which is great, and we're already working on some of your suggestions)

I guess I'm not sure where you're coming from, or what you really want to
improve (beyond what you've mentioned in your previous mail after the last
meeting). You're welcome to email me off list about this if you want to talk
about it a bit more in-depth.

> > We do actually fill all of our talk slots, so despite the work that the
> > committee does to ensure we have vibrant and interesting meetings, there
> > is no evidence to suggest that we don't have enough volunteers.
> I was re-stating what Mary said. It is not my judgement that few SLUGgers
> are volunteering. If you have any issue with that judgement, I believe you
> should take the issue with members of your  committee and not with me.
> She said as follows:

... what Mary says, and I agree with, is that we don't receive enough talk
offers to need a great big infrastructure to deal with them. But we do
receive and solicit enough talk offers to fill our meetings with good stuff.
Two very different things. :-)

> It is the idea or concept that reward is good thing to have for
> encouragement no matter how insignificant.
> It is not the food or thing itself.

Most speakers (as Matthew noted) don't actually know that we purchase dinner
for them, so are genuinely surprised, which is nice. It's our way of saying
thanks, rather than as encouragment to do talks.
> > The topic area is "Linux and Open Source", and speakers volunteer to
> > talk about their own interests, and often enough, to satisfy the
> > interests of others, much like any other Free Software project.
> "Linux and Open Source" topic is very well but can we be more specific ?
> Like in these request from one post ?

I did read the original post, no need to send it again. :-) Many of the
things you raised were abnormalities due to last-minute problems, others
were discussed at our recent committee meeting (as noted in the minutes,
which I don't think have been published to the main list yet).

> Are the following topics considered "Linux and Open Source" ?


Absolutely, no question. Some of them are more or less appropriate for the
general section though.

> > In-depth: Advanced skill level, or deep interest. Not always technical,
> > talks can cover any in-depth concepts in the open source sphere. We've
> > had presentations about legal issues, developer tools, etc.
> Can we be more specific ? Are the following topics in this category ?
> 1. XFree86 - Installation and Configuration.
> 2. Installing and Configuring Apache.
> 3. Installing and Configuring PHP
> 4. Installing and Configuring MySQL
> 5. Shell Programming, Beginners Experience
> 6. Configuring Shell Environments
> 7. vi text editor, Beginners Experience

Not entirely, you might want to look back on previous meeting announcements
to see what we've had in our in-depth sections.

> >   SLUGlets: Short, sweet, intro, demo, exciting. Discussion oriented,
> >   showing off cool things, introduction to concepts, etc. Short talks.
> Again, can we be more specific ?

(I'm not entirely sure why we need to be ever more specific. If someone
says, "hey dudes, i wanna do a talk about this-and-that", the committee
dudes will probably say, "oh, sweet! that would make an awesome general
talk!" and slot it in. if someone said, "i found this cool new program that
other people might like, can i show it off at slug?" we might say, "rock!
that would be a cool sluglet!" if someone said, "dudes, i know nothing about
Thingy, can anyone in SLUG do a talk on that sometime?" we'd say, "dunno,
but let's find out!" i'm not sure why we need to go into specifics far
beyond the general blurbs given above, apart from things like time info and
such, all of which mary has already put on the CFP page...)

> 1. Building Internet Service Provider using Linux - Case Study

No, that's far too expansive for a sluglet.

> 2. Upgrading linux kernel from Source Codes

Yeah, that would work.

> 3. Linux Process Management
> 4. File System Management

Probably, depending on depth. Introductory "How do Linux process work?" and
"How do Linux filesystems work?" are probably more appropriate.

> 5. Shell Programming

Probably too in-depth/lengthy for sluglets.

- Jeff

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