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Re: [SLUG] Extensive Materials on SCO-IBM-LINUX Saga

> You might find this informative:
> http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2003/05/15/1052885324252.html

SCO have got a business demonstration in Sydney either next week or the
week after (I can't find the letter amongst my piles of paper here at the
moment and neither can I be bothered to check my hotmail account where
I get business spam sent). I do remember it's on around the Macquarie
University/North Ryde area because I was thinking about going along and
thought that I would probably need to drive.

The actual presentation is boring (some one-time password thingy) but
it may be fun to go along and let SCO know exactly what Linux users
think of their actions. I'll dredge up the details (there's no sco.com.au)
and post them to this list.