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Re: [SLUG] Travan tapes under GNU/Linux (Debian Woody)

On Wed, May 14, 2003 at 06:12:35AM +1000, Oscar Plameras wrote:
> find /home -print > /tmp/tmp.lst && tar zcvf /dev/tape -F /tmp/tmp.lst | tee
> /tmp/tape.log

I you wanted to avoid the delay and space requirements
of creating /tmp/tmp.lst, then you could use a named
pipe, aka fifo:

	mknod $pipename p
	find /home -print > $pipename &
	tar zcvf /dev/tape -T $pipename | tee tape.log

PS. I avoid using /tmp or predictable names for the
fifo or temporary files, as that's a security problem.