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Re: [SLUG] Travan tapes under GNU/Linux (Debian Woody)

Yep Matt is right.
I missed the tape device.

I don't usually compress tar files on tapes as I'm afraid my tapes are 
ruin on a single read error. On the other hand, bzip2 is just too slow 
to make the tape "stream". Is there a handy way to do compression on 
individual files before archiving?

What I did is a bit long but I have an index at the beginning of every

cpico looks pretty handy too. Thanks Matt.

On Tue, May 13, 2003 at 08:01:39PM +1000, mlh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Tue, May 13, 2003 at 10:50:03AM +1000, Oscar Plameras wrote:
> >  [ .. ]
> > In my case, I prefer to re-state the same command into,
> > 
> > tar zcvf /dev/tape -T `find /home -mtime -10` | tee /tmp/tape.log
> Ouch!
> -T specifies a file containing a list, not a list itself.
> And using backticks will fail, possibly without a useful
> error message if the output is too large.
> cpio is a much better fit for find than tar.  Unless you can
> get -T to take the list from stdin.
> 	find /home -mtime -10 -print0 | cpio -oc0 > /dev/tape
> with compression, plus blocking through dd for tape speed:
> 	find /home -mtime -10 -print0 |
> 		cpio -oc0 | gzip | dd bs=32k of=/dev/tape
> Another tweak is to use -newer option to find, and specify
> a file created at the time of the last full backup.
> Any fancier and you're probably better off using one of the
> many backup tools for linux/unix.
> Matt
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