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Re: Lightweight desktop (Re: [SLUG] dual-boot)

On Mon, 2003-05-12 at 11:11, Mary wrote:
> On Mon, May 12, 2003, Oscar Plameras wrote:
> > With your hardware configuration you will be able to install linux
> > with a number of limitations. One constraint is memory size. At 64Mb,
> > you will be able to run linux easily in text mode. In order to run
> > linux in graphics mode the recommended memory size is 96Mb. This does
> > not mean that you will be unable to run graphics mode at 64Mb. You can
> > but it will be slow  and oftentimes it will seem to hang.
> Graphical mode (X) is fairly usable at 64MB actually - but you have to
> make sure that you choose the right window manager and so on. It's below
> the recommended specs for KDE and GNOME, but many installers have
> choices other than these. When you install Linux, watch out for choices
> like "default desktop" and see if you can change it to something lighter
> like those suggested below.

For what it is worth I had (past tense, hopefully comes to life
again...) a 64M P233 on 2gig of harddisk.  I use gnome, metacity,
evolution and Mozilla and it was fine.

I custom built the kernel of course.

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