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[SLUG] Sendmail &libmilter

Hi all,
Looking for help on a procedural matter. I am about to setup Spam Assassin and need to use the libmilter setup in Sendmail. This is on a RH9 server where Sendmail was installed by the installation program from an rpm. I don't think it has libmilter support built in. So I will download the latest Sendmail and then compile it for libmilter - looks reasonably straightforward. I have no experience with the m4? files so that will be a bit of fun along the way! However I do know some of the settings I need in my final sendmail.cf file so can always edit the final one by hand. My plan is:

1. Download sendmail
2. Make the modifications needed for libmilter
3. Compile
4. Uninstall current Sendmail rpm *****do I need to do this?
5. Install new sendmail
6. Run the mc file
7. Check and edit sendmail.cf
8. restart sendmail

This is on a production server, I do not have the luxury of having a test machine - or at least one that will take RH9 - so I need to get the planning right. If all goes well, Sendmail will be down for less than 10 minutes and the users might not even notice.

Anyone want to comment?

Simon Bryan
Who has the title :IT Manager  :-)
OLMC Parramatta