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Re: [SLUG] WinPoET / PPoE and DSL advice

Ethernet modem...

I used to recommend DLink however have an unresolved problem with my ADSL which could be line or modem, as well as another resolved problem with another company I installed it for which turned out to be the DLink modem (on the telstra tech's advice we changed the modem and the connection problem went away - installed a NetGear GD814 $264).

I know of no differences in PPPoE software that would make one better than the other....

I use Internode for the ADSL, prompt friendly service and they are NOT afraid of Linux or supporting it (well their ADSL on linux machines).....


Michael Kraus wrote:
G'day all...

I'm looking at having ADSL installed for one of the organisations I do
voluntary work for. I guess I'm wanting to check here first beforehand to
avoid making a possible costly mistake, and also to

The DSL provider I'm looking at is Swiftel... http://www.swiftdsl.com.au/

They recommend/approve a number of DSL modems -

They also state that you require WinPoET software to connect to their
services. After a tad bit of googling I've discovered that WinPoET  is PPP
over Ethernet software.

Are there any great variations between PPPoE software that could make it
such that this DSL product won't work with PPPoE under GNU/Linux?

Also, any recommendations regarding the list of DSL modems? The organisation
is a NPO so price is a factor, as is the means it connects to the firewall
(P100 with no USB running Debian Woody).

I have limited DSL experience, so all help would be greatly appreciated. The
NPO works with the mentally disabled, so they also appreciate it.

TIA and all the best...


Phil Scarratt
Draxsen Technologies
IT Contractor/Consultant
0403 53 12 71