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Re: [SLUG] linux on ibook

Should have googled more extensively before posting - looks like I might
need to build XFree86 from source in CVS.  A longer term mission

Denis Crowdy

 On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 06:36:28PM +1000, I wrote:
> Going in a slightly different direction here, but has anyone managed to
> compile the kernel Jamie recommends at
> http://www.spacepants.org/hw/tibook/ on one of the new powerbooks with a
> Radeon video card?
> I'm having problems like:
> cp: cannot stat `agpgart.o': No such file or directory
> In the meantime I will delve further into man make-kpkg (can I make
> changes to the .config file so that I don't have to recompile
> everything?) and try some more combinations of radeon, agpgart et al.
> I had no problems installing a stock debian kernel on an older
> powerbook, and simply installing some recommended packages from Michel
> Daenzer's apt repository.  The new machine is being groomed for audio
> work and X would be great...
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