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Re: [SLUG] linux on ibook

<quote who="Luke Burton">

> Apart from the mail client not having threaded views, what else were you
> missing? Given that with fink you have a reasonably comprehensive list of
> open source available to you (and it's modeled precisely after debian's
> package system to boot), I am curious.

As a spoilt GNU brat, I am not really all that keen on the underpinnings of
OS X. But it works well, and has nice toys. I occasionally boot into it to
play with Safari, watch movie trailers, check out some UI stuff, or dink
around with iMovie.

I think you'll find that whatever OS X provides, it wouldn't matter anyway,
because many of us just like running GNUish Free systems that we're already
familiar with, and prefer to use/support the Free desktop projects like KDE
and GNOME (or far prefer things like pwm or ion that OS X really can't
compete with), etc.


- Jeff

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