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Re: [SLUG] linux on ibook

On Tue, May 06, 2003 at 01:13:34PM +1000, Luke Burton wrote:
> You pay a premium for Apple. The premium gets you two things.
I can appreciate that the software is factored into the price. However you
tend to get windows installed on most x86 laptops (I believe this was been
covered recently on this list) which I'm assuming is factored into the
price of those laptops also. The Apple software may be more comprehensive
or be of higher quality or whatever, but I'm going to throw it away in both
cases. So it just comes down to hardware support, manufacturing quality,
and the price.

All I want is a light, not to large, and not too power hungry laptop, I'm
not overly fussed on who makes it.

To my naive eyes the ibooks are not (relatively speaking) hugely more
expensive (bottom end $1999), they appear to be lighter, and have better
battery life (at least that's what I have found/read so far).
I can't vouch for whether the processor speed is a huge issue,
however if they're running OS/X they can't be too bad?

> For the knee-jerk flamers out there (if they've read this far) I still 
> love and use Linux as a server OS, where I think it will stay for the 
> foreseeable future.

Once I have my shiny new ibook with some schmicko free software to show
people they won't be able to help themselves. Prepare to be

Steve (soon to be known as "The Advocacy Machine").