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[SLUG] Passwords and their usage

>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Treacy <treacy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Dan> Thinking through I've dsicovered I have AT LEAST 20 different
Dan> "accounts" for various places and machines etc. These range from
Dan> things you need to be really secure such as online banking and
Dan> the like to things that it doesn't really matter such as
Dan> passwords to login into websites to "read" them.

I tend to use a different password for each site, and use Mozilla's
password manager to remember them for me.  The only things that I
really care about are the online banking and paypal accounts --- and
they're the passwords that I remember.

This means that there are only a few passwords to remember...  your
login password(s), the password to unlock your ssh key, the password to
unlock your pgp/gpg key, the password for the mozilla `master security
device' and the passwords for the few authenticated sites you really
care about.

and if you always use sudo and ssh with public-key authentication, you
don't have to remember the root password (except when the system locks
up and you have to log in on the console) or the passwords to all
those remote sites you don't use very often.

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