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[SLUG] Apologies [Was: Copying Home directories to a new server]

<quote who="Simon Bryan">

> Working in a school I could probably give you a long list of excuses,
> starting with 'my dog ate the man pages'.

Heh. :-)

Simon, I'm really sorry you had to stomach this sort of stuff on the SLUG
list. I hope you're happy that SLUG is not always like this, generally being
a pretty helpful and positive bunch. "RTFM" replies are embarrassing enough,
but no one should have to weather personal abuse just because they asked a

  [ I don't think your question was stupid at all, by the way. I remember
  the first time I tried to move some files between machines for which the
  permissions mattered... I finally found tar -p, after wondering what on
  Earth the trick could be for about a day. ;-) These are exactly the kind
  of meta questions that the SLUG list is good for. Given that there are so
  many different ways of approaching the problem, everyone will have a good
  and different answer. You can learn a lot just by asking one question. ]

Please don't be put off posting questions (and answers!) to SLUG in the


- Jeff

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