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Re: [SLUG] Copying Home directories to a new server

On Mon, May 05, 2003 at 11:37:05AM +1000, Ben de Luca wrote:
> It could be that tar might not be the only way to do it? 
> When i try to think of all the ways possible that you might do this, I
> come up with a big number, from mounting the disk in the machine you
> might want to use to maybe be even rsync?


> [bend@arrow bend]$ man -k copy | grep file
> COPY [copy]          (7)  - copy data between files and tables
> File::Copy           (3pm)  - Copy files or filehandles
> cp                   (1)  - copy files and directories
> rcp                  (1)  - remote file copy
> scp                  (1)  - secure copy (remote file copy program)
> tiffcp               (1)  - copy (and possibly convert) a TIFF file

And this little grep didn't suggest mount or rsync, even though you earlier
suggest them as viable options!

man pages are *references*.  If you know what you are looking for, they can
be great.  They are rarely informative when you're searching for the best or
right way to do some complex task, even with the -k flag.  This is why
saying "man man" is *not* a useful answer.  If someone knew what they were
looking for, they wouldn't need to ask SLUG!

If your question is "what how do I make 'cp' do foo?", then it's obvious
which man page to read.  If your question is "how should I copy files to a
new system, preserving whatever obscure unix magic needs to be preserved?",
then, as you've just demonstrated, the answer is less clear.

And, regardless, personal attacks on a public list help no-one.