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Re: [SLUG] Network Booting PA-RISC (HP9000 712/60) Take 2

perhaps I should have been clearer, your dhcp is working fine by the looks
of it the ICMP unreachable messagews are for the tftp port, so the tftp
port isn't open,

so a) iptables or ipchains is blocking tftp
or b) xinetd is configured wrongly, and lo...

> #
> # Some defaults, and include /etc/xinetd.d/
> defaults
> {
>         instances               = 60
>         log_type                = SYSLOG authpriv
>         log_on_success          = HOST PID
>         log_on_failure          = HOST
>         cps                     = 25 30
> }
> tftp            dgram   udp     wait    nobody
> /usr/sbin/in.tftpd /tftpboot -l

this lien above is an inetd line xinetd is not inetd, it uses separate
files per service.. I persume you added this because some doc told you to,
well remove it again...

restart xinetd, from your local machine try and tftp a file,
tftp> get kernel
Received 847867 bytes in 0.6 seconds

if that doesn't work keep going until it does, when that works try booting
the PA again..



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