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Re: [SLUG] Procmail

This one time, at band camp, Jeff Waugh wrote:
><quote who="Jon Biddell">
>> Does anyone know of a gui or command line ".procmailrc" generator -
>> something that can import a list of spammers from a text file and generate
>> the required procmail file for uploading to my ISP ?
>Well, there is the 'dotfile generator' program, which is meant to support
>fifty billion different dotfiles, but... It sounds like a shell script would
>do you fine to generate a simple procmailrc such as this.

Why not just upload a text file containing spammer addresses and use a
single procmail rule to grep the file for the incoming mail address?  Then
you only need to keep the text file updated and you don't need to keep
creating massive procmailrcs.


# check against my blacklist
* ? ( formail -x From: -x Sender: -x Reply-To: -x Received: | fgrep -iqf $SPAMMERS)

All this and more from http://spacepants.org/conf/dot.procmailrc

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