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[SLUG] Partition Help

Hi all,
I am setting up a system for a person with a disability and have come
unstuck right at the beginning.
The system supplied is second hand and only had a 800MB HDD, so I have added
a second IDE of 1GB giving a total of about 1,8GB.
Onto this I wanted to install either RH8 or RH7.2 with Open Office.

The install program consistently fails to partition the drives automatically
(even if I use fdisk and delete all partitions first) so I have to do it
manually, I chose

800MB -> 100MB Swap + 700MB /usr
1GB -> 1GB / (forced to be a primary partition)

The system then won't install because I do not have enough space in the /

Q1: Is 1.8GB enough for what I want to do? (The 800MB had W95 and Office -
not much space left but it worked)
Q2: Is there a better arrangement for the partitions?

BTW the system is a PII with 64MB RAM

Simon Bryan
IT Manager
OLMC Parramata
ICQ#: 137562751