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Re: [SLUG] Re: "just use pppconfig then run pon dave"

On Tue, 2003-04-08 at 19:56, Geoffrey Cowling wrote:
> now I need to find out why the stoopid thing drops back (out of X11?) to
> gdm/kdm
> logon screen after x minutes of blanked screen ..:-) 
> as a stop gap, can I setup a fake keyboard input every minute or so?

Is this xscreensaver blanking or apm (or similar) blanking? If it's
xscreensaver, then just kill it (killall xscreensaver). If it's X's dpms
blanking, then you can either use xset or there's an option in
/etc/X11/XF86Config-4. Sorry I can't be more specific here. XF86Config
normally has some helpful comments in it. xset has a man page. Does it
die if you do "xset dpms force off"?


> Jubilation ...

Man, I'm doing something wrong with my computer :)