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Re: [SLUG] IPSEC Server Side Software

<quote who="Nathan Chan">

> Anyone know of some IPSEC Tunnel Server side software which can be put
> onto a Linux box, so that a Router / Windoze box could IPSEC tunnel into ?

FreeS/WAN: http://www.freeswan.org/

Takes some getting used to, but once you've grokked the way it works (helps
a little bit if you've done IPSEC stuff before), it becomes second nature.

[ You can also use PoPToP, which is a PPTP server, but PPTP is poopie, so
you should use IPSEC anyway. ;-) MS has a well-integrated Win9x IPSEC client
now, so there's little reason to use PPTP anymore. ]

- Jeff

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