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Re: [SLUG] Mounting a second hard drive

Yes you can mount your new drive into /home.

Any data already in that directoty will not be accessable until you
unmount the new drive.

If you move the entire /home directory to say /hometemp and then mount
your new drive to /home, you can then copy all the data from /hometemp
to the new drive and everything will look like it did originally...


On Tue, 2003-04-01 at 10:11, Edwin Humphries wrote:
> I want to add a second hard drive to my server, but I need to define it's mount 
> point as /home/.
> I've worked out how to partition it and set up the file system, but all the advice 
> I've found so far uses rather useless (for me) mount points such as /new/, or 
> /mnt/hd2, or similar.
> Can I mount the new drive into /home/?
> What wil it do to the data already in that directory, and its subdirectories?
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