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[SLUG] RE: VNC on Live Server for RH 7.1


Thanks for the inputs. After reviewing this url
and the one given below by David I finally understood
what to do from Putty.

Here is what I did:

1. I connected via a normal SSH session to 
the server, and started the "vncserver" .
This time the 'X desktop' was display
number '2'.

2. From this format of vnc via secure ssh

ssh -L x:localhost:y my_server

>From Putty, I created another session
. For this one from "SSH->Tunnel" I
had the following:

 - X Display Location : localhost:0
 - Added a forward port with :
      Source : 5903 (i.e x from above)
      Destination : localhost:5902 (from localhost:y)

3. I saved it. I may have to update the "SSH->Tunnel"
regularly as I don't think vncserver will always
run (see my query below on that). So I may get a 
different X display.

4. I started this connect and connected to the 

5. From my windows I started vncviewer and typed
The following:

   localhost:3 (this in effect is forwarding
                to port 5902)

This happily asked me for the password and started
the AfterStep X display manager.

I suppose that I can assume that my connection is
secure now. Right ?

Ok now the vncserver issue. I probably don't need
To do 1) is vncserver is always running. The
destination port should then always be whatever
The display was before.

To connect then I just have to do step 4) from
my saved forwarded connection and 5).

So first off, is it safe to leave "vncserver"
always up ?

2nd, How do I make "vncserver" permanently
run on the server ?

As a test, I just closed the Putty session for
the forward connection, and got this message:

Waiting for forwarded connections to terminate...
The following connections are open:
  #0 unknown (remote did not supply name) (t4 r256 i0/0 o0/0 fd 9/9)

I closed the vncviewer session, and this closed
The Putty session.

Now I restarted Putty for the same forward
Connection, and started the vncviewer with
localhost:3, and it still works.

This tells me that vncserver once started
always stays up once I started it.

It will probably die when I re-start the server
or kill the process. Am I right here ?



> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Guest [mailto:dguest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: Thursday, 27 March 2003 06:38
> To: Louis Selvon
> Subject: VNC on Live Server for RH 7.1
> On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 23:10, Louis Selvon wrote:
> >Hi David et al:
> >
> >My version of Putty was an old one.
> >
> >>Try ftp://ftp.tartarus.org/pub/people/owen/putty-x86.exe .
> >
> >
> >I have downloaded this one. I see the X-Forwarding stuff under
> >SSH -> Tunnels .
> >
> >So I tick "Enable X11 Forwarding".
> >
> >For "X display location" what do I enter ?
> >
> >Sorry I need a bit more assistance ? From the steps I state 
> below can I 
> >be given an example on how Putty does this ?
> >
> Louis
> I wrote a mini-howto for my colleagues. Follow the links for 
> the putty stuff.http://www.gmc.mine.nu/remote/
> As the others have mentioned putty takes care of the 
> security. You don't need it for X11 forwarding.  If the box 
> you want to connect to is behind the firewall put its local 
> ip there. In our setup is behind the firewall. 
> Otherwise "localhost" will suffice.
> VNC works on 5900 or higher. You can also use it on 5800 or 
> higher with a java enabled browser. We mainly use it for RDC 
> since this remains significantly faster.
> HTH.
> David