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Re: [SLUG] Fwd: What are apt-get/dpkg/dselect?

<quote who="James Gregory">

> I for one am ecstatic that you're loving Linux Debian-style. What I wanna
> know is how this is 10X easier than doing "make rpm" in your kernel source
> tree? Or rebuilding the .src.rpm for your kernel, or dagnammit, just
> installing the distribution's pre-built RPM of the kernel?

Probably worth comparing the packages that come out of both - the stuff you
get out of kernel-package is very slick, handles depmod, lilo/grub, etc.,
etc. It builds highly integrated kernel packages appropriate to the Debian

> Debian's great and all, but let's not belittle the achievements of other
> linux vendors (and more importantly spread misinformation). 'make rpm' was
> around before 'make-kpkg'.

No, it wasn't. :-) Alan added a very hackish rpm target to the kernel and
made a comment about how someone should add a deb target... kernel-package
had been around for quite some time before then (which resulted in some
interesting comments on lkml, which is to be expected). The rpm target has
improved somewhat, but is still reasonably quick and dirty compared to the
packages (and infrastructure, it must be said) provided by kernel-package.

The full set of features provided by kernel-package are not really doable as
a target in the kernel makefile.

There are other kernel building tools around, too.

[ For what it's worth, distro kernel binaries are generally "good enough"
unless you have really specific requirements. Projects that handle package
building for your custom kernel are there for a) OS integration b) ease
distribution of kernel packages across machines. I think those are the main
benchmarks for usefulness of things like kernel-package - and in those
areas, it absolutely shines. ]

- Jeff

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