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[SLUG] Fwd: What are apt-get/dpkg/dselect? [Was: apt-get weirdness lately]

thanks for the subject change - i should've done that myself. :)

and thanks to all who replied, it's a bit clearer now.

i was getting a bit mystified because 'apt-get install php' wasn't working for me, where i thought the package name was a sort of wildcard search, it doesn't seem to be. i fired up dselect and scrolled through reams of packages and found the php ones (and a bunch of other stuff i want) and it's downloading now as i type. (looks like i should've said apt-get install php4...)

yes indeedy, it's a very neat system.

next i get to wrestle with upgrading the kernel because i forgot about that part post-install - but i think i'll ring the debhead guy i know and get him to explain it all again to me rather than bothering the list..


On Thursday, March 27, 2003, at 02:13 PM, Jeff Waugh wrote:

<quote who="Stewart">

now i'm turning into a debhead, can someone 'please explain' exactly what the difference between apt-get/dpkg/dselect is and how they work together? to my mind three commands aint as 'simple elegance' as one rpm one. :-)



Basic package management functions such as install/remove/replace, etc. At the same level as rpm(1) in the package management stack. Nothing much to write home about; at this level, the interesting differences are
    in the actual deb/rpm file formats.


Basic network-aware package installation/management tool which handles dependencies and OS-integration. CLI-based, it is basically on the same level as urpmi and up2date, but is arguably more useful (lots of other
    features that make it 'nice').


    An attempt to provide a sensible user interface (ncurses-based) to
    package management on apt-based systems.


Another attempt to provide a sensible user interface (ncurses-based) to
    package mangement on apt-based systems.

There are lots of other packages that provide what dselect and aptitude are
designed to, such as synaptic, aptivate, etc., etc... But I don't think
anyone has managed to find the right combination of simplicity and usability
to steal me away from apt-get. Sad, but true.

- Jeff

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