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[SLUG] Reminder: SLUG Annual General Meeting: Friday March 28th 2003

Hi everyone,

This is the 4th and final notice of the upcoming AGM to announce@xxxxxxxxxxx

The AGM will be held on at the SLUG meeting on Friday 24th March. See my
meeting announcement for details of the location.

  - nominations for SLUG committee 2003 are still open and should be
    sent to slug@xxxxxxxxxxx.

  - anyone standing for election or wanting to vote must pay membership
    fees for 2003 before or at the March meeting.

  - anyone wanting to appoint a proxy to voite on their behalf must
    arrange for their membership fees to be paid, and should inform

2003 Committee update:

 NOTE: We are accepting nominations right up until the beginning of the
 election. Although this is the last time I'll post such a list to
 announce@xxxxxxxxxxx, this is not necessarily the final list of
 nominees. Feel free to post additional nominations to slug@xxxxxxxxxxx

 Where there are two or more candidates, they are listed in alphabetical
 orger by surname. People who refused nominations are not listed.


            Peter Hardy (nominated by Ben Leslie, seconded Tony Green)

            Jeff Waugh (nominated by Erik de Castro Lopo, seconded Theo


            Tony Green (nominated by Pia Smith, seconded Jeff Waugh)
            Jan Schmidt (nominated by Craige McWhirter, seconded Erik de
            Castro Lopo)


            Peter Hardy (nominated by Erik de Castro Lopo, seconded Ken

            Jaime Hemmett (nominated by Jared W., seconded Chris Deigan)


            Jamie Wilkinson (nominated by Erik de Castro Lopo, seconded
            Ken Foskey)

 Ordinary members (there are 3 positions for ordinary members):

            Tony Green (nominated by Erik de Castro Lopo, seconded Ken

            Jan Schmidt (nominated by Erik de Castro Lopo, seconded Ken


At the Annual General Meeting, the President and Treasurer will present
their reports for 2002, and the 2003 SLUG Committee will be elected.

SLUG membership:

    People wanting to vote in the elections, and people standing for a
    committee position, *must* become financial members of SLUG for the
    coming year.

    All existing SLUG memberships expire before the AGM.

    A full year of SLUG membership costs $25. This can be paid at any
    time from now until the AGM to the SLUG Treasurer, Jamie Wilkinson.
    (You can pay after the AGM too, for that matter, to the new
    treasurer, but you obviously will have missed voting.)


    All SLUG committee positions will become vacant before the AGM and a
    new committee will be elected.

    Nominations are now open and will close just before the election
    itself. Nominations should be sent to the slug@xxxxxxxxxxx list.
    Nominations need to be seconded, which should also happen on
    slug@xxxxxxxxxxx.  You should check with the nominee first to make
    sure they actually want to stand for election.

     - President: responsible for chairing committee meetings. Informal
       responsibilities include steering SLUG, and representing SLUG to
       the public and media.

     - Vice-president: The president's right-hand, left-hand, and other
       limbs as appropriate.

     - Secretary: Takes minutes at committee meetings, handles

     - Treasurer: handles SLUG finances. The SLUG treasurer will need to
       be organised and capable of keeping correct records of income and

     - Ordinary committee members: There are three ordinary committee
    The committee as a whole generally organises the monthly meetings
    and most other SLUG events.

    All committee members are expected to attend the monthly committee
    meetings. Committee meetings are usually held in an evening during
    the first week after the SLUG monthly meeting.
    Reminder: to run for committee, you must pay for a 2003 membership.
    You can do this at the AGM or before.

2002 committee:

   The 2002 committee, whose glorious reign ends at the AGM, is:

    - President: Jeff Waugh

    - Vice president: Craige McWhirter

    - Secretary: Peter Hardy

    - Treasurer: Jamie Wilkinson

    - Ordinary members: Tony Green, Jan Schmidt, Mary Gardiner


   If you cannot attend the March meeting, you can appoint a proxy to
   vote on your behalf (the proxy can also vote on their own behalf).
   Email committee@xxxxxxxxxxx and tell them the name of the person who
   holds your proxy vote. Make sure you've paid for your 2003 membership
   if you do this!
   If you don't know anyone who can proxy for you, email
   committee@xxxxxxxxxxx with the names of the nominees you wish to vote
   for, and a 2002 committee member will be your proxy.


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