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[SLUG] SLUG Python Interest Group: Monday 24th March

Hi everyone,

The SLUG Python Interest Group is on this Monday. Apologies that I've
been a week late getting it off the ground.

This month, Malcolm Tredinnick will talk about "Python in Production
Environments", in particular, things that come up in business scenarios
that aren't obvious from comp.lang.python or even Open Source projects.

The talk will have some technical content and a bunch of "lessons
learnt" and generalisations.

  Date: Monday March 24th (this Monday)

  Time: 7:00pm

  Location: University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Broadway campus,
  building 10, room 2.440 (computer lab, on the entrance level). 


Sydney Python Interest Group meetings are announced on:

 - comp.lang.python.announce and python-announce-list@xxxxxxxxxx[0]

 - the Australasian Python users list[1]

 - The Sydney Linux User's Group announce list[2]

[0] http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/python-announce-list
[1] http://starship.python.net/mailman/listinfo/python-au
[2] http://lists.slug.org.au/listinfo/announce/


The SLUG Python Interest Group is, while not restricted to Python on
Linux, a Special Interest Group of the Sydney Linux Users Group (SLUG),
and would like to thank SLUG for its support.

See the PIG webpage: http://pig.slug.org.au/ for previous talks.

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