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Re: [SLUG] adding source to apt-get

$author = "Mick Boda" ;
> http://people.debian.org/~blade/i386/ ./
> to my apt-get list.  recieve the following error,
> E: Type (URL) is nopt known on line 8 in source.list.

people.debian.org is not an aptable archive. if someone has compiled a
particular version of some software that you really need that isn't in your
dist-of-choice yet, then you need to download it (i like wget for this) and
then install it using 'dpkg -i PACKAGE.deb'

> also, should I be trying to get i686 packages

i386 will work on recent x86 products, they just won't have been compiled to
use all the optimisations available to the compiler for your particular
revision of the x86 architecture.


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